Uncharted was born in Aarhus, Denmark from a young couple’s idea of creating a new experience for adventurers. Transylvania Uncharted is the first project with an aim of creating the best mix of mountain activities and old traditions.

Each ACTIVITY is created after careful researches and a lot of time spent in the mountains. All to ensure the most authentic spots and services of Transylvania for our adventurers. Our team is constantly working on discovering new places and designing new activities that will take your adventure to the next level.


Unexpected Discovery

Uncharted Challenges you to experience every small detail, as if it were for the first time. Except for the UNEXPLORED DESTINATIONS and EXCITING ACTIVITIES. The adventure tours give you time to ENJOY the SILENCE, and REFLECT on your new discoveries, while enjoying the landscape.


Seek new wonders

DISCOVER locations with great BEAUTY and HISTORY, but which are NOT KNOWN to everyone.
Whether you choose a PREPARED or a CUSTOMIZED tour, the combination of EXCITING activities will create the perfect recipe for a Genuine Adventure.


Locals & nature

By choosing Uncharted you are SUPPORTING SUSTAINABLE tourism. Whether you are passionate about supporting LOCAL COMMUNITIES or preserving WILDLIFE and natural resources, there are plenty of ways you will support it, when you TRAVEL WITH US.


Safe & Personal

All adventures are accompanied by a group LEADER – Tudor – who is a SPECIALIST in activities & LOCAL in Transylvania. He will provide you with:

  • INFORMATION on the places and activities
  • INTRODUCE you to ‘local friends’
  • KNOWLEDGE about the surrounding area

Moreover, none of our adventures would be possible without our amazing partners that apart from the years of experience they have on the field, they also share our love and passion for nature and mountains.

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